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steps we are taking to make thrifting safe.


  • Please donate when you are healthy.  Stay home if you are ill and bring your donations when you feel better. 

  • Donations must be in bags, boxes, or other containers that will NOT be returned (no loose articles will be accepted/we will not dump out items to return containers).

  • Please organize donations by category.  Ex: clothing with clothing, household items with household items, etc.

  • Larger items requiring additional handling are subject to approval by the supervisor or manager and are contingent on space available.

  • Check HERE for a complete list of accepted/not accepted donations.

  • Donate during business hours. Donation hours are subject to change without notice due to capacity. Do NOT leave donations outside of the building as they may be impacted by weather, rodents, and insects.

  • Look for the "Donation Drop-off" sign, please do not bring donations to the main entrance. 

  • Remain in your vehicle to keep social distancing.  Our staff/volunteers will unload donations for you.

  • Thank you for your donations! We will gladly give you a tax receipt.

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